where i end and you begin (pucka) wrote in hoop,
where i end and you begin


I played JV last season, but there will be a few openings on varsity this year. I've got everything down great, except my passing abilities aren't very strong. My catches are not always strong and some of my passes are weak. How can I improve on these?
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Have someone run around and practice throwing them chest and bounce passes. For chest passes, try to hit the person right in the center of their chest. Bounce passes are trickier. If the person you're passing to is standing still, it's easy. But if the person is cutting, you have to lead them with your pass, by throwing the ball slightly ahead of them.

As for catching passes, that's not really something you can practice, but it helps to have soft hands. Also, don't start making a move or take your eyes off the ball til it's actually in your hands.
Thanks for the tips :)
good luck! i'm working hard to try to get into varsity too! hehe