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Tis been interesting

I'm gradually trying to work my shoulder back into basketball playing shape and have gotten into games 3 different times this year so far.

The first time was 2 sundays ago. I was out there for about 3 hours under the nice hot sun. I played some 3 on 3 and then played lots of full court 4 on 4. We played winners hold court and I played most of the time. I was the only one not to bring water and went the whole time without drinking. Good thing all my blading safaris have me in a good shape and I dont get dehydrated easily. It was the first time I played and it showed. I still played all right, but nothing like I use to. The defense was there, that's always easy to play for me. It's my offense touch that I lost. I still scored all right but not like I use to. It didn't help that they put up new rims on that court that are so tight compared to the ones before. Made rebounding difficult too cause of long rebounds.

Next time me and brother went over on a Wednesday night and got some 2 of 2. I got to cover and be covered by a 6'5" guy that I've known for a while. He's young and in grade 11 now at that height. I have mentally beaten and his skill level isn't all that good. He;s way better then he was before though. Me and brother used those games to practice on stuff and won all handily. I schooled the tall guy on the post. That's what I needed. Good practice on post moves and doing it on a guy taller then me was great.

Now after taking 10 days off, me and brother go over to shoot and play some token 1 PM 1, but we ended up getting into 2 on 2. And I must say, I did not want that type of game tonight. Played 2 punks that have skill but are rather dirty whiny players. At one point, the one that out weighs me by 100 lbs saw I was setting a pick on him from a ways away. I saw him look right at me so he knew I was there but then he decided to pretend he didn't saw me and lowered his shoulder and hit me hard sending me flying. You don't do that in 2 on 2. He then freaking tried to say he didn't see me when Me and brother both saw him see me. Things got quite testy after that mainly between brother and the big guy. They even got face to face at one point. it was sweet though cause brother was protecting me. hehe Brother about 5 minutes later put an end to the conflict though. Then the rest of the games it was better but still rather chippy. Me and brother won the first game 12-1 then the second game 21-6. We then didn't try the 3rd game and lost 11-4. Then the last game was 11-9 for them. That fat guy kept covering me and playing me rough. I know I have a frustrating post up game for most people to cover me but he turned it into fouling me every time. Then he'd post me up and the way I play defense I dont really have much contact with the offensive player, but he'd keep lowering his shoulder and coming into me hard. I was still able to thwart his attempts half the time. Luckily they kept switching checks cause me and brother kept schooling the other guy. So the big guy wasn't covering me all the time. The other guy was rather big too but not as big as the big guy. They were both about 6'0", but um large. Me and brother are both still very rusty but we played all right. Not like we use to though even though progress is showing.

My watch broke when I got leveled and my hands got scraped up on the pavement as well as me knee. I think the big guy mainly did it cause of the first play when he fell, which was just a pure accident and he knew it. He tripped over my foot when I was just standing there. Not like I lowered my shoulder and ran into him at a good speed like he did to me. And seeing that he out weighed me by 100 lbs, UGH!

I got quite a few blocks today. And the thing I have to work most on of course is my scoring touch.

And now after some very physical games I get to go work tonight. hehe I so dont feel like it.
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