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Love and Basketball

Hey my name is Karwhea. I'm a nineteen year old female at the University of Georgia.

A lot of people when they meet me or when they look at me they think ok she's a girly girl so she would never like sports but I'm like the #1 basketball fan alive. I love me some basketball. I love the Lakers and the T-Wolves. And yes the Lakers will GO ALL THE WAY. I'm just sad that the T-Wolves had to loose b/c thats my team too.

Anyways I think the Lakers are very talented and I gotta give it up to my boy Kobe. THE REAL MVP. Ok let me clarify...YES KG is talented and yes he deserves the title for the whole season but when the season started Kobe had it and then yeah SHIT HAPPENED but after the all star break he came back and showed everyone what he was made of. I wish he was consistent with it though because he's seriously gifted and deserves acknowledgement i.e. an MVP award. Yeah haters might say he has all this extracurricular shit happening outside of the court but guess what US fans don't give a damn about that. Its all about the game. Like him or hate him for what he did or how he you may claim he's overrated he's got GAME.

Anyways before I ramble on and on here are my PREDICTIONS on the rest of the season and comments on the eastern conference finals

The Los Angeles Lakers will take it. Last week I thought maybe the Pacers would pull out a victory in the east but Reggie Miller is getting murdered. I always knew Richard Hamilton was good becasue I watched the Wizard's games alot when he was with them but I MEAN DAYUM!!! Reggie you NEED HELP seriously and what's his face Artest WHERE ARE YOU? I mean you got the title of best defensive player of the year right well USE IT!!! I want the Pistons to win b/c they were the underdogs but the Pacers aren't even making it a competition.

And to top all that off Love and Basketball is like THE MOVIE (<--there's no relevance but I just had to throw that in you know I'm kinda weird like that)

And finally my music selection has significance. Just think about it for a minute and get back to me.

-Lady K

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